Welcome to the region of Aude, in the heart of Cathar country and at the crossroads of the ancient history and the people that crossed them. Its 1001 chateaux serve as a constant reminder of the Pays de Cocagne (Land of plenty), a Renaissance paradise. The Canal du Midi, a long vein of water connecting the beautiful cities of Carcassonne and Toulouse, our rose “Capital”.

On the horizon, majestic and protective, stand the Pyrenees, their peaks reaching far into the skies. 

It is a region of many different appearances. In the East, towards Castelnaudary, it’s warm and Mediterranean surrounded by ancient vines and rich perfumes of thyme and lavender. Towards Mirepoix, in the West, it is soft and oceanic, the gentle hills covered with wheat and living forest.Villages perched on the horizon proudly ring their Toulousian bells that echo around the valleys. 

Welcome to Lauragais, the Lauragais of local habits and customs. Ah! Here “Avec plaisir” is the response to an expression of gratitude, contrast to “De rien” said elsewhere throughout France. Ah! Starry nights and the incredible view of The Milky Way carry us away to other worlds. Ah! The incredible variety of flora and fauna; over 70 varieties of orchids are present in the Aude region. Birds of prey encircle above and jostle high in the sky. While in the forest you are bound to encounter deer, wild boar and foxes. 

Benvenguts en Occitania, country of the troubadours, of rugby, regional wine, foie gras, village fêtes, flea markets and the joy of living. 

Although we love living here, we don’t mind sharing it!